Believe it or not, whether you are rich or poor is nothing more than how you manage your money! Whether you accept it or not, that is the plain truth of the matter.

Something very interesting happened to me this week.

A guy I haven’t seen since High School (many years ago) “friended” me on Face Book.  Nothing unusual there. The more my name as a writer gets known, the more friends I seem to have.  Even when I barely know them. But this one irked me.  

He saw my new book had been published, and promptly mocked the fact that this book was released as an electronic book (clearly unaware that most people don’t read physical books anymore).  Then he declared that $9.25 was too pricey for people to purchase a book on-line.  

Now, the fact that he did not want to buy my book didn’t bother me.   After all, I have grown used to the jealous tantrums and rants of the lazy and unsuccessful.  A group this particular individual was always part of, even at high school. What did bother me is that this attitude is becoming more and more prevalent.  The West is becoming a society of fools!

Here he was, telling me that he would not pay $9.25 for a book that would add thousands, perhaps millions of dollars to his personal wealth.  

Yet, he would happily spend endless amounts of money on luxuries!  Which is undoubtedly why he is having financial problems. (The first thing he mentioned to me after God knows how many years).

He, like so many others, had a solution to his financial problems right in front of him, yet chose not to take it. I even offered him a free copy and some free financial counselling to no avail.  He purposely chose to remain poor.  And he is not alone.  There are millions of people out there doing this.

That’s disturbing to say the least.  What is more disturbing, is that this is becoming the norm.

Everywhere I turn, I see this attitude prevailing.  Our people have lost touch with reality.  From the unemployed people who turn down work because they think they are too good to do manual labor, to the overgrown “kids” in their 20’s (and even 30’s) still living off mummy and daddy’s income.  We have developed a society of spoiled brats who have had life far too easy for their own good.

My new/old “friend” being one of them.

Our population take the attitude that there is something wrong with hard work, and that everything should just be given to them.  That those who do well, should have to share with those who are too lazy.  Which turned out to be the motive behind my new “friendship” (ah, the dangers of Face Book).  He felt that I should be obligated to give him a loan, to help him through the “hardship” that he was facing.  For no other reason than the fact that I have earned more money than most of the people I grew up with, and we had gone to the same High School (along with a few thousand other people).

He is the perfect example of what Westerners have become.  Lazy, Ignorant, Arrogant, Resentful Sods (LIARS), who hate anyone who works hard or makes an effort.  Which is why I said no to the loan and quickly blocked him from my account.  (That and the fact that I barely know him).   He had no intention of helping himself, and just wanted yet another person to bail him out.

And that is the attitude that we need to start fighting back against.  Because that is the main cause of poverty in the West.

Building your personal wealth is not difficult.  You just have to grow up and take control of your life, and your finances.   And the differences between rich and poor are nothing more than the habits they engage in. Because habits make a lifestyle.

And right now, a lot of people have a lot of very bad habits!

My friend irked me so much, because he represents the attitude that I despise.  He is purposely poor. And he would like to drag everyone down to his level.  Like so many of our society.  And it is people like that who are destroying everything our ancestors worked so hard to build.  It is people like that who are causing poverty.

He is the reason he is poor.