This guide will tell you exactly what envelope stuffing programs are all about. Can you really make $2,900 weekly stuffing envelopes from home?

You have probably seen ads that say “Make $2,900 weekly stuffing envelopes at home”. These ads still appear in newspapers and magazines all across the United States. If this is really true, then why is the person promoting this program? Why aren’t they stuffing the envelopes for $2,900 per week? Have you ever asked yourself these questions? Hopefully you have. If not, please continue reading and you’ll find out exactly what these programs are about.

Make $2,900 Weekly Stuffing Envelopes

This program claims you can mail special letters from home and make tons of money. The promoters of the program say you can make $2,900 per week or more mailing special letters. They say their warehouse is stacked with letters, just waiting for homeworkers to fill them and make money. The ad also says something like, stuff 100 envelopes and earn $1,000, stuff 1000 and earn $10,000, and claims similar to this. If you send the company $49.00, they will send you 49 envelopes, 49 customer labels and 49 special letters.

What The Ad Sounds Like You’ll Get

These ads are very clever. In the end, they are legal but they twist words around to make an illusion. The ad makes it seem as if your going to stuff all 49 envelopes and get paid $10.00 (or whatever amount the company is claiming) and get a check from them. The checks are mailed out every Tuesday, right? It really looks like your going to get paid for every envelope you stuff.

What You Really Get With Envelope Stuffing

After you send off $49, they send you the 49 envelopes, letters and customer labels. What you are doing is selling some kind of other book or program that the company is promoting. You may even promote the exact same program, but this is not always the case. When you get the materials, you find out that you get a $10.00 commission for every program or product sold. So for every letter the company gets back, you do get paid $10.00 per envelope. But in no way do you get paid per each envelope you stuff.

Now here is what has happened. You’ve just paid $49.00 for 49 letters to mail out. Your not going to get paid $10.00 per each envelope you stuff. You’ll just get $10.00 for each person who orders the book or program your promoting. How many people do you think will respond? After you mail out just 49 letters, usually they will all get tossed in the trash. If your lucky, you could get one order, maybe two. Think about this. In the mail order business, the business is fueled by response rates. Response rates can be 1/2% to 1% from all letters you mail out. You’d have to mail thousands of these letters to expect any kind of big response.

Mailing out just 49 letters will probably get little to no response. This is what the company does not tell you. They don’t tell you that your promoting a book or program on a commission only basis. So the program is legal, but they are just holding out information and not telling you everything. You do get $10.00 per sale you make. These companies know that when you mail out the 49 letters, you probably will get little to no response. They’re making their money off of selling the program to you.

The next time you get a stuff envelope program in the mail, you may want to pass it up. Just remember your probably being paid on a commission basis, and not on a “per envelope you stuff” basis.